Playing Bingo to learn sight words

Dolch list of sight words

The Dolch list of sight words is a list of frequently used words that are often difficult for young readers to decode or sound out because they do not follow regular phonetic rules. The list was created by Edward William Dolch in the 1940s.

The purpose of the Dolch list is to help children develop fluency in reading by recognizing these high-frequency words quickly. This list contains 220 high-frequency words that are divided into five levels: pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade.

Bingo game

Bingo is a game of chance that is played with randomly drawn words and a bingo card. The goal of the game is to mark off all the words on your card in a specific pattern to win a prize. I wrote some code to create a Bingo Card for each one of the five levels and a list of 95 nouns, and also wrote a generator of random words. Every time you open the link for the Bingo Card Generator, or refresh the page, you will see a new combination of words that you can print. The word draw can be used during the game to draw words on your PC or cell phone each time you push the screen button. Then you can read the word, show the word to your students, and ask them to say it with you. The students can mark off the word they got in their bingo card with a pencil, or even better, with transparent bingo chips, so you can reuse the cards. You can decide if you give a price for each 4-cells line formed (like stickers with animals) or for a full bingo card (like a miniature plastic dinosaurs ).

Bingo Card creator:

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