“Phylogeny-Driven Approaches to Genomics and Metagenomics”

"Phylogeny-Driven Approaches to Genomics and Metagenomics"

"Phylogeny-Driven Approaches to Genomics and Metagenomics"

Talk by Jonathen Eisen (@phylogenomics) from UC Davis. UW Department of Genome Sciences 10/23/2013

  1. Updating calendar because @phylogenomics is “Off to Seattle – giving a talk tomorrow at UW  gs.washington.edu/news/seminars .… …”
  2. @phylogenomics I don’t think anyone cares about baseball here. 😉
  3. @phylogenomics Wow. With that mirror arrangement it’s like infinite universes of Eisens. All with smartphones. We are not ready!
  4. @MicroWavesSci I needed the Plos1 to show up on the back and the #redsox in the front
  5. @phylogenomics I’m trying to imagine what open access baseball would even be
  6. @phylogenomics Ah, I didn’t notice the PLOS plug! Brain just said “yep, jersey, name, number, check”. Excellent cross-promotion.
  7. @mbeisen Is there anything I should know (read: dirt) about @phylogenomics before introducing him this afternoon?
  8. @msr2009 @phylogenomics he’s embarrassed himself so much in public there’s not really anything i can add
  9. About to go see @phylogenomics give a talk to my dept! Apparently at lunch he told my classmates to join twitter for the science. I approve!
  10. @GonzalezIvanF @jennifurret Live tweet folks! Not that it’s my topic but if you can’t live tweet a @phylogenomics talk whose can you?
  11. .@GonzalezIvanF @phylogenomics I’ve never livetweeted dept talks because I’ve been afraid of sharing unpublished data, but maybe that’s me?
  12. @jennifurret @phylogenomics I always take that as a main concern, I make sure only share what is published and ask speaker first.
  13. Phylogeny-Driven approaches to Genomics and Metagenomics talk by @phylogenomics starting soon at @UW cc @UWGenOM @UWMedicineNews
  14. Jonathan Eisen (@phylogenomics) starts talk bit.ly/18cZUpx with his essay on 9th grade describe one step in evolution of bacterium
  15. You can separate mixed organism by using PCR analysis of ribosome RNA (rRNA) doesn matter if they are in the same tube @phylogenomics
  16. Now sequencing is going crazy. Studies are much faster today, and relatively inexpensive (100,000 sequences for couple of $) @phylogenomics
  17. Citizen science projects enabled by cheap microbial sequencing. ie MERCCUR,or sampling cell phone surfaces- @phylogenomics
  18. Can we build phylogenetic trees with all this information that is coming from sequencing? @phylogenomics
  19. Phylogenetic trees help characterizing/predicting function of genes, for detecting errors too- @phylogenomics
  20. Non-homology predictions: phylogenetic profiling clusters genes with know genes usually associated. @phylogenomics correct me if wrong.
  21. Using phylogeny for metagenome data: you are free from only ribosome RNA genes. Protein coding genes add a new dimension @phylogenomics
  22. Most of the diversity of life comes from uncultured organisms. For @phylogenomics improving phylogenomics means to explore this wild area.
  23. Final minutes of @phylogenomics mentions data techniques and automation for phylogenetic analysis of metagenome. The Future is here.
  24. Talking about is Red Sox with Plos1 in the back continued:
  25. @phylogenomics At first I thought you were wearing a Pujols Jersey, and was extremely confused.
  26. From UW today: @phylogenomics suggests if you are lost in graduate school, find a map and then provided awesome evidence as to why
  27. @PLadd01 @phylogenomics So long as you’ve scouted the territory, suuurreee. That’s a swell idea.
  28. What does he mean by find a map? MT “@PLadd01: From UW today: @phylogenomics suggests if you are lost in graduate school, find a map”
  29. .@phylogenomics I would have loved to have @jennifurret as a voice with expertise in subject. One-person tweets never give whole picture.
  30. Additional reading:

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