#PNWCollaborates Successful Strategies for Increasing Equity and Access to STEM

#PNWCollaborates Successful Strategies for Increasing Equity and Access to STEM

#PNWCollaborates Successful Strategies for Increasing Equity and Access to STEM

Exploring Collaborations: Successful Strategies for Increasing Equity and Access to STEM. Redmond, WA | December 4, 2013

  1. A Pacific Northwest Girls Collaborative Conference Exploring Regional Opportunities for Girls in STEM

    Program managers, guidance counselors, business partners, technical professionals, K-12 teachers, and representatives from professional organizations and higher education are all invited to this Pacific Northwest Girls Collaborative Conference, in partnership with Microsoft, the Institute for System Biology, the 2013 Afterschool Matters Fellowship program, and Northeastern University's G.A.M.E.S. Initiative.

    Join us on December 4, 2013 as we explore current research, learn about new initiatives, share vital resources, and connect with key community partners.

    The morning will include networking and resources sharing opportunities, plenary sessions and two panels: 1) Girls in STEM – High School Perspectives, and 2) Girls and Gaming in Today's World.

    The afternoon will include multiple breakout options, including sessions with researchers from the 2013 Afterschool Matters Fellowship and leaders of the Northeastern University's G.A.M.E.S. Initiative.

  2. Building a collaboration nation and increasing equity in #STEM #PNWCollaborates
  3. Hey all, I’m tweeting live from the Pacific Northwest Girls Collaborative project today!#PNWCollaborates
  4. “Collaboratives are way to move forward” – Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Sr. Dir. Accessibility Customer Partner Advocacy @Microsoft #PNWCollaborates
  5. Today we’re @ #PNWCollaborates event w/ @NU_Seattle @ngcproject & @KUOWJamalaH talking about increasing equity & access in STEM for girls
  6. I should clarify, I’m on the Microsoft Campus for this Conference 🙂 ##PNWCollaborates
  7. @Microsoft Jenny Lay Flurrie talks about how the power of technology can enable those with disabilities #PNWCollaborates
  8. .@KUOWJamalaH is tweeting today from #PNWCollaborates. Follow her if you’re interested in #STEM or #gaming relative to girls education
  9. Lay-Flurrie talks about passion as advocate for accessibility thru lens of her personal experience; using design empathy #PNWCollaborates
  10. Jenny Lay-Flurrie made the great point that the future of accessibility depends on engaging next gen in STEM #PNWCollaborates #girlsinSTEM
  11. National Girls Collaborative works to connect girls with #STEM #PNWCollaborates
  12. Connecting stakeholders for #girlsinSTEM and strengthening program capacity. #PNWCollaborates
  13. .@ngcproject is in 38 states. Two states & jurisdictions not yet on board: Minnesota, Puerto Rico @alalejandro @CienciaPR #PNWCollaborates
  14. #PNWCollaborates The Girl Perspective Panel is up! Young women in high school and their involvment in STEM
  15. Next: The Girl Perspective, panel of high school girls sharing experiences in #STEM–getting interested, encouraging others #PNWCollaborates
  16. This is what its all about, hearing from 7 young ladies about their interest and roles in #STEM #Pnwcollaborates pic.twitter.com/KNRg7pSkK1
  17. So far, #STEMgirls underscore importance of mentors, early exposure to opportunities, communication for interest in STEM #PNWCollaborates
  18. Katie Doran Moderating: these girls are involved in some great programs, I didn’t have anything like that growing up #PNWCollaborates
  19. Important to foster interest/enthusiasm for #STEM: getting hands-on experiences, challenging real-world problem solving #PNWCollaborates
  20. Also important: hearing and learning from experts in the field (hello role models!), collaboration #PNWCollaborates
  21. #PNWCollaborates “The best projects I’ve done, have been the most challenging.” -Katie McConville
  22. Listening to the girl perspective and learning what makes a #STEM program awesome. #PNWCollaborates
  23. One girl talks abt facing stereotypes & barriers early on (e.g. girls don’t do science, not gool to be geeky) #PNWCollaborates
  24. Hands on learning with less teacher input makes a program awesome. #PNWCollaborates
  25. Another girl speaks abt experiencing attrition of girls’ interest in STEM in middle school, peer-pressure #PNWCollaborates
  26. Exposure/accessibility to scientists has been key to inspire girls to pursue #STEM #PNWCollaborates @CienciaPR
  27. Connect the topic to things in the real world. Make it relevant. #girlsinSTEM #PNWCollaborates
  28. In middle school girl decided she wanted to be a scientist but didn’t know what that meant #PNWCollaborates
  29. These young women say hands on activities and role models are important. BIG road block is peer pressure. #PNWCollaborates #girlsinSTEM
  30. “I like working with others towards a common goal-that is what I like about #STEM.” #girlsinSTEM #PNWCollaborates
  31. +1 MT @KUOWJamalaH Katie Doran: these girls involved in some great programs, I didn’t have anything like that growing up #PNWCollaborates
  32. “I got alot of push back from my guy friends, people teasing me labeling me with stereotypes.” – Riyanka Ganguly #PNWCollaborates
  33. Spending the day at @Microsoft for #PNWCollaborates. What are you doing to inform and encourage girls to pursue STEM careers? #waedu #oredu
  34. Important to teach girls to be leaders, communicate, express themselves, stand up for their interests in STEM, advocacy #PNWCollaborates
  35. Advice from girls: Learn how to defend yourself against stereotypes and articulate your passion. #girlsinSTEM #PNWCollaborates
  36. A common theme is that we’ve all had mentors who really inspired us, and that’s why we’re all here. Riyanka Ganguly #PNWCollaborates
  37. “Its really important to reach out to the girls who DON’T have mentors in STEM.” -Riyanka Ganguly #PNWCollaborates
  38. Girls talking about importance of role models. This is why low-income, first-gen students need mentors early! #PNWCollaborates #mentor
  39. MENTORS: important, necessary, influential. We need to reach out. Often girls are scared to seek us out. #gettowork #PNWCollaborates
  40. Advice to educators from girls: Outreach is important. Bring programs to the schools to get us involved. #girlsinSTEM #PNWCollaborates
  41. Advice to other girls interested in STEM: “Girls can do anything Boys can do, don’t let anybody hold you back.” #PNWCollaborates
  42. LOVE that one of the girls said she speaks in public because she knows not all girls are so lucky to have mentors early. #PNWCollaborates
  43. Advice from #HSBARS girls “Girls can do anything boys can do” – “Try different things” – “Explore” – “Don’t be afraid” #PNWCollaborates
  44. “Learn how things work, help improve the world” – “Don’t understimate yourself or be intimidated” – “Go find mentors” #PNWCollaborates
  45. Advice to younger girls: Be confident in your actions and find a role model. #PNWCollaborates #girlsinSTEM
  46. Advice from the Girl Perspective Panel on Girls studying #STEM “Never underestimate yourself.” #PNWCollaborates
  47. Time for some speed networking! I’ve never done this 🙂 #PNWCollaborates
  48. .@KUOWJamalaH is live-tweeting this cool meeting: #PNWCollaborates about getting more girls interested in science, math, engineering
  49. .@DanaRileyBlack: best advice she got “go find yourself a mentor”. Also important to give back, mentor other. #PNWCollaborates
  50. @DanaRileyBlack of Institute for Systems Biology is Moderating. “Games can influence learning in the classroom.” #PNWCollaborates
  51. #typofix: Girl talks abt facing stereotypes & barriers early on (e.g. girls don’t do science, not cool to be geeky) #PNWCollaborates
  52. Kids interest in #STEM turns off around 14 and aspirations turn off as early as 11. Can gaming make a difference? #PNWCollaborates
  53. STEM HS achievement is balanced but women in higher ed & workforce are still underrepresented.  http://tiny.cc/0d1k7w  #PNWCollaborates
  54. Research on games & motivation: 41% females not motivated to beat others in a game. #PNWCollaborates
  55. How can we improve game mechanics to attract girls to STEM? #PNWCollaborates
  56. .@carriejill– 41% percent of girls not movitated to either beat the game or beat others at the game. #PNWCollaborates #girlsandgaming
  57. Top 10 game titles on iTunes make millions a day, 6 of them are gender inclusive (big upcoming market) #PNWCollaborates
  58. .@Ellen_Beeman Gender inclusive game design has been big over the last couple of years. #PNWCollaborates
  59. @carriejill Exploring what game mechanics reach girls when 41% of females not motivated to beat the game #PNWCollaborates #girlsinSTEM
  60. Listening to great panel. @carriejill brings up user experience in games – in this case girl users. #PNWCollaborates
  61. There are alot of games coming out now that actually appeal to male and female players. #PNWCollaborates #Girlsandgaming
  62. Gaming industry has had to overcome mentality of “girls don’t play video games”. Sexism still pervasive but some progress. #PNWCollaborates
  63. @MeganGaiser created @HerInteractive. Game mechanics are very male oriented, wanted to create something to counteract that. #PNWCollaborates
  64. .@MeganGaiser speaks of need of more women in gaming, bring women perspective, improve game mechanics #PNWCollaborates
  65. Trish Millines Dziko- works to make sure that kids of color have access to STEM fields with the Tech Access Foundation #PNWCollaborates
  66. .@MeganGaiser shares story of cancer patient’s last wish was to meet makers Nancy Drew game, ex. of impact games can have #PNWCollaborates
  67. Trish Millines Dziko: #WOCinSTEM in gaming, put diversity 1st when designing games get people of color in at design process #PNWCollaborates
  68. Trish Millines Dziko: How do we change the perspective? How to we think about designing games and talking to girls? #PNWCollaborates
  69. Millines Dziko: think about how we design games, how we talk to girls, presenting girls with role models who look like them #PNWCollaborates
  70. @MeganGaiser on building games w/ emotion & learning makes me think of great indie game To The Moon  http://tiny.cc/sz1k7w  #PNWCollaborates
  71. Strategies to be inclusive: Think actively of your network, how diverse is it? #PNWCollaborates
  72. Diversity & inclusion: Have it in your DNA, you need to care about it, not just talking point. Start w/ individual then org #PNWCollaborates
  73. .@MeganGaiser Leadership is white male in the gaming industry, but now others are starting to take it into their own hands #PNWCollaborates
  74. .@MeganGaiser gives shout-out to @BlackGirlsCode as org promoting gaming among girls, from girls perspective. Woot! #PNWCollaborates
  75. .@MeganGaiser: need to work against stereotype of women/girls being either princesses or sluts #PNWCollaborates @DNLee5
  76. .@MeganGaise: The context for girls in games, we’re either princesses or sluts. We are so much more than that. #PNWCollaborates
  77. @MeganGaiser “We need more characters than princesses or sluts. We deserve better and more content.” #PNWCollaborates
  78. Millines Dziko: translation gap between what girls of color want AND what is built for them. Need women of color bldg games #PNWCollaborates
  79. How to build inclusive programs? Start with yourself! How diverse is your friend group? Fix that & set the table together! #PNWCollaborates
  80. .@Ellen_Beeman: inertia and people just not caring is the biggest challenge with representations of women/girls in games. #PNWCollaborates
  81. Metrics are important (e.g. Google Analytics, Flurry). When building games you need tools for analytics #PNWCollaborates
  82. .@Ellen_Beeman When designing games for education: what questions do you want to answer? Keep them in mind for analytics #PNWCollaborates
  83. really interesting conversation on girls, games and usibility studies, how girls use games. I can’t type fast enough! #PNWCollaborates
  84. GREAT to hear the usability word so often in this panel. Usability is SO important in games! #PNWCollaborates
  85. Millines Dziko: TAF brings scientists to classroom. So does @CienciaPR how I discovered that as scientist can impact #scied #PNWCollaborates
  86. .@carriejill Girls face stereotype threat, fixed mindset (i.e. abilities = fixed). We need to have/change to growth mindset #PNWCollaborates
  87. Back at 1pm- Workshops this afternoon. Strategies for Engaging Diverse Girls. #PNWCollaborates
  88. Ntnl Afterschool Matters Fellows share their experiences. Learn more:  http://bit.ly/1jmBfaO  #PNWCollaborates #STEM
  89. ASM fellow researched stereotypes & barriers preventing after school staff from getting engaged when teaching STEM material #PNWCollaborates
  90. coming up at #PNWCollaborates, strategies for engaging diverse girls. In meantime, check out @BlackGirlsCode !
  91. Strategies for engaging diverse girls workshop: Members of @youngwomenpow and Trish Dziko on the panel #PNWCollaborates
  92. Trish Dziko- kids of color not always interested or prepared for moving into STEM in college, her program working to change #PNWCollaborates
  93. Over 30 people are here at the GAMES breakout session during the #PNWCollaborates to learn more about #GAMES4STEM pic.twitter.com/OI1KuNcbA2
  94. Kids of color need to see role models who look like them- for more encouragement in STEM @STEMbyTAF #PNWCollaborates
  95. @STEMbyTAF Relationships are key to engage diverse #girlsinSTEM. They also need to see people who look like them. #PNWCollaborates
  96. It’s always fun to out myself as a gamer in “professional” setting. #PNWCollaborates
  97. @juliafallon: It’s always fun to out myself as a gamer in “professional” setting. #PNWCollaborates” Agreed!
  98. @youngwomenpow Cultural competency is important-training is key. Be aware of your own ignorance and acknowledge it. #PNWCollaborates
  99. Transportation food and scholarships important to breaking down barriers to get kids of color involved. @youngwomenpow #PNWCollaborates .
  100. Student context important. Where is the student coming from? What’s keeping them from participating? #PNWCollaborates
  101. @moefeliu: Engaging hispanic youth-be aware of context. Make scientific content relevant to your audience. #PNWCollaborates
  102. Tayloe Washburn:PNW has the need for CS graduates, we must create the supply or the companies will leave #GAMES4STEM #Pnwcollaborates
  103. Why do I always get weary when #edu wants to develop games to raise career awareness? #PNWCollaborates
  104. Getting kids to fill out paperwork is actually an ENORMOUS barrier, especially as they get more and more tech dependent. #PNWCollaborates
  105. @moefeliu Celebrate success-showcase student work and invite the parents. Use opp to get needed paperwork. #PNWCollaborates #girlsinSTEM
  106. Thinking abt own xp, played games (and video games) growing up but no one talked to me abt careers in STEM until post-sec. #PNWCollaborates
  107. @STEMbyTAF Having staff that represents your community is key. 75% of our staff come from the community they serve. #PNWCollaborates
  108. @NU_Seattle Do local companies want more CS majors or STEM majors? Need to be clear about project goals. #PNWCollaborates
  109. Dana Riley Black: how can we learn from past efforts to develop games to promote girls interests in #STEM? #Pnwcollaborates #GAMES4STEM
  110. #PNWCollaborates– as a complete aside, one of the panelists has one of the cutest babies ever with her 🙂
  111. The less constrains that we put on a Game Jam the more creativity will flow #Pnwcollaborates #GAMES4STEM
  112. @ngcproject the 1st mention of the #PNWCollaborates hashtag appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in Seattle! #trndnl
  113. 103 users and 259 tweets (122 RTs) in 1 week made #PNWCollaborates a Trending Topic in Seattle. #trndnl
  114. 18,736 people could have seen the hashtag #PNWCollaborates since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic. #trndnl
  115. @SophiaUFong I’m on a break too. Have a preschooler at home. No time. 🙂 #PNWCollaborates
  116. John Williamson: what do you call a geek two years after graduation? Boss #Pnwcollaborates #GAMES4STEM
  117. @youngwomenpow Make sure application process is the same across the board. Don’t make kids w least access do more work. #PNWCollaborates
  118. Openly acknowledge where u come from. Make the time and space for open community conversations. #diversity #girlsinSTEM #PNWCollaborates
  119. @moefeliu: To recruit diverse #girlsinSTEM “Handing out a flyer ain’t gonna cut it” #PNWCollaborates
  120. @STEMbyTAF Make adjustments to meet the needs of your students and sometimes those adjustments can be painful. #PNWCollaborates
  121. Hearing more about GAMES initiative after having the chance to sit in on an awesome working session. #PNWCollaborates #Girlsandgaming
  122. By grade 9, over 80% of girls make a decision to pursue careers OTHER than #STEM fields- Tayloe Washburn #PNWCollaborates
  123. MT @KUOWJamalaH Kids of color need role models who look like them for more encouragement in STEM @STEMbyTAF #PNWCollaborates
  124. @NU_Seattle will spend its own money (through grants from NSF) to make 2-3 games they will produce and distribute for free #Pnwcollaborates
  125. Looking fwd to Game Jam to source great game ideas with #games4STEM to build 20 game prototypes to engage #girlsinSTEM #PNWCollaborates
  126. These are games for girls, to get them interested in STEM fields! #PNWCollaborates
  127. There will be long term monitoring to find out what works and what doesn’t, girls and games initiative will be nationwide. #PNWCollaborates
  128. Join a #games4STEM working group: research, gamers, networkers, fundraisers, girl expertise & advocacy #PNWCollaborates
  129. Closing remarks from Jacinda Chislum Global Diversity and Inclusion Outreach Manager for @Microsoft #PNWCollaborates
  130.  http://bit.ly/1eQCtYy  Learn more about Youthspark helping young people to create opportunities #Pnwcollaborates
  131. Chislum: Without representation, hard to have diversity and inclusion #PNWCollaborates
  132. Chislum: regardless of professional roles, passion and commitment are KEY to promote representation/diversity/inclusion #PNWCollaborates
  133. Closing thoughts: Keep #collaboration going! Minigrants to be available summer 2014 #PNWCollaborates
  134. Awesome topics being brought up at #PNWCollaborates. Our engineering toys encourage #STEM learning, check em’ out!  http://www.eitechamerica.com 
  135. Great to see so much interest in #STEM games for girls at #PNWCollaborates! Our games are math adventures for girls!  http://smartadventuresgames.com 

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